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Why is it we Humans get romanced by complexity when the answers can be found at a SIMPLE and PRACTICAL level?

The “Simply Practically Human” Podcast, The Human Manager Mark LeBusque features experts who have a track record in HUMANISING WORKPLACES using SIMPLICITY and PRACTICALITY as their GO TO approach.

It’s all about getting back to what it is to be Human and watch Workplaces thrive rather than just survive.

103,680 hours.

Your work is a big deal.

we should talk if:

You are successful and unfulfilled. 

 – 85% of people in full time jobs are unhappy.

You can now focus on you.

Top 2 regrets of the dying?

  1.  I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I didn’t work so hard. (Bronnie Ware)

Your Health and or Marriage demand a change.

 – 67% of Aussies are overweight or obese.

 – 45% of adults will be affected by mental illness.

 – 44% of marriages end in divorce

Life Design

Work Design

Tools and Skills

Challenge, Support & Growth


  • Happier Humans
  • Better Health
  • More rewarding relationships
  • Greater Impact



*All packages include 1:1 coaching.

Choose to work with me on: 

Purpose driven approach, holistic direction, resilience strategies, professional branding, resume, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, job search strategy, networking, negotiating the offer, on board coaching. 

Look Forward, Live How You Want


Throughout my 20s I was ‘conventionally’ successful. Earning good money, got married, bought a house and had a love hate relationship with my work. Living for the weekend and 4 weeks holiday every year. Then I started asking more interesting questions and taking bigger risks. Now I am me more often, value myself more and help others do the same. My experience working in the corporate world, not-for-profits and being self employed combined with studies in human behaviour help me to guide you from HATING your JOB to LOVING what you DO.

We will work together for 3-6 months through 1:1 coaching programs to help you better understand yourself, your strengths and who or what cause you want to contribute to.

I have worked with people from companies including KPMG, Red Bull, Allianz, Asahi, Empired, AGL, Momentum, AGL, Ventia, O’Brien Industries, Voith, Nine Entertainment, State Trustees, VMWare, Oracle, MYOB, QANTAS and industries including State Government and Aged Care.

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