Success. Is a Toddler or an Adult responsible for yours?

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What does success mean to you?

For many it looks like…… Go to school get an education, work hard, buy a house raise a family save for a comfortable retirement. When I break it down it doesn’t feel like a great evolution beyond what a toddler might consider success. A toddler’s success being defined as having somewhere safe to sleep, food to eat and someone else to look after them. Sure the post code and brand names can vary and you have to pay for it as you grow up however it is still largely about meeting base needs.

So what else could success look like?  What might an adults version of success be? The beauty of this question is you get to decide. You can define what success is for you.

I see success as getting to know yourself so you can live authentically and work through your unique gifts to contribute to a community of importance in a way that supports the lifestyle you want to live. Simple right! If it were more people would do it.

A good place to start is to take some time to ponder and journal the following questions and ideas.

  1. How do you answer the question who am I? There are lots of ways to answer this question and I believe a values-based answer is most helpful to guide you in living authentically. 
  2. How do you identify your unique gifts? You lose track of time doing it, it comes effortlessly to you and you never tire of doing it. 
  3. What is a community of importance to you? What wrong do you want to right, what cause do you want to fight for? What tribe do you empathize with? 
  4. What is the lifestyle you want to live? Who do you want to share it with, where do you want to live it and what do you want to do?

The answers to all these questions start with you. They all require planning and taking action before you need to and most involve becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I am a Life Strategist and I work with successful people to be both successful and content. If you want to work through any of the above give me a call on 0450 734 023.

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