You Got a New Job – Now What?

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I just spoke to a friend who after 17 years decided it was time to start 2019 in a new role. 17 years….. that’s right.

For him he had come to the realisation that more valued growth was to come from outside his organisation. Or he could continue being a highly regarded employee wondering what was next in an organisation lacking the structure to provide opportunity for more desired growth and fulfillment in his work.

Even after just seven years an individual’s identity can become rusted on to their job title. It happens even faster in some professions like Airline pilots, Fire Fighters and Lawyers. It is not just how you view yourself that is impacted your acquaintances and extended family may view you differently to.  You may lose privileges that even you took for granted and your acquaintances valued. You may even be surprised by how much you will miss little routines unique to your job and the environment you worked in.

So my friend if you are reading this, and to those starting 2019 in a new job after an extended period in the same role and company, I offer you this…..

Identity is more than what you do. You are more than your job and any role that is important to you (father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter etc) That would make you a Human Doing and you are more than that you are a Human Being!

So how do you want to BE in 2019 as you reinvent yourself in your new role with your new employer? What is that you value most? What emotions do you want to experience more of? Think about how you guide your children – so often we guide them on how to be. Pick 3 and define what they mean to you. Then what do you have to do to experience them? Set yourself up for success and make it simple and direct, when I (insert action) I experience (insert value). Then let your values guide you on how to be as you settle into a new role.

My last tip is check in on what it is you need to do to look after you. Do you exercise, meditate, read, play? You are about to leave behind so many unconscious processes and routines that you excelled in and be smacked in the face with so many things that you no longer know how to do. Or at least not like how you used to do it. Personal resilience is important as you leave the known for the unknown. Know that you will be awesome and be kind to yourself and look after you as you gain the confidence to believe you are awesome once more.

If you want to start a new role in 2019 reach out to Brian Klindworth who works with successful people to be successful and content.

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