You know you want to change job – but how? – Part 2.

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So where did you land? 

You are highly motivated to act having made the decision to do so. Are you looking for another job? Same role, different environment? A different role altogether? Maybe you want to start your own business or are considering a portfolio career or even retirement. To really nail the transition you need to know your why and taking a holistic and purpose-driven approach is fundamental. The following guidance is for those looking to find a new role be it the same or different.

Step 1. What are all the possible titles used by organisations hiring people to do the work you desire?

Step 2. What industries employ people in these roles doing the work you want to do?

Step 3. What companies employ people in these roles doing the work you want to do?

Step 4. What are the titles of the people who directly hire or influence the hiring decision to employ people in these roles doing the work you want to do?

Step 5. Which industries and companies are highly motivated to employ people in these roles doing the work you want to do?

This is your road map and your work story needs to be heard by those going to hire you. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your vehicles to move from where you are to where you want to be. Networking, interviewing and negotiating an offer are all valuable skills to ensure a comfortable ride and that you reach your ideal destination.


To this point, you are committed to act and have your road map. So how will you continue to fan the flames of inspiration to move from where you are to where you want to be?  How will you continue the momentum as your journey accelerates toward and diverts from your final destination. Final destination, your ideal job.

Inspiration comes from within and is more powerful than external motivation. So how do you make the intangible tangible? Write it down. Create it visually. Embed it in who you are.

You need to include job transition activity into your weekly schedule. This needs to include; identifying those who need to hear your story, connect with and meet them. Stay relevant and add value to those relationships as you track when they will need to hire someone just like you.

So how do you hold yourself accountable? Share your intentions? Stack pain on missing your goals or reward yourself for hitting them. Look beyond your life partner for an accountability buddy for this one.

Landing your ideal job may be a marathon and not a sprint so your personal resilience will be tested. So how do you manage your energy? What activities and tasks lift your spirits and increase your energy? How many of these activities and how often do you need to engage in these activities? Your emotional bandwidth and mindset will have an enormous impact in your ability to see and act on opportunities. Commit to you and manage your energy to see and act on your opportunities.

Stay the course until the work is done. Acknowledge and accept that your journey to landing your ideal journey may not look as you expect it to. Know that there is likely to be more disappointment before there is the final joy in arriving at your final destination – your ideal job.  Awareness and acceptance of a full rich life experience makes it easier to embrace the moments and step forward not matter what faces you.

In making a decision, seeking guidance and taking action you will land in the ideal role for you.

For a handy activity tracker to provide you clarity and accountability as you transition to your ideal role, message me.

To find your inspiration, be held accountable and supported to build your resilience and ultimately secure your ideal role reach out to Brian Klindworth M: 0450 734 023

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