You know you want to change jobs – but how?

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Part 1 of 2.

  • Are you locked down by *golden hand cuffs? 
  • Are you too afraid to try something new? 
  • Do you lack the confidence to believe someone else might value your unique gift and want to hire you?
  • Do you believe that no one enjoys their work so you are just getting on with it? 

There are so many reasons to continue in your **longest relationship investing more time and energy in to your work than any other part of your life without satisfaction and or gratitude, dare I say inspiration and joy.

A decision, the right guidance and action are all it takes. All it takes to wake up to an opportunity clock, move through your day with purpose whilst investing in meaningful work contributing to a community or cause of significance to you.


Most people move away from pain so I challenge you to make space and time for yourself and really connect with what you are sacrificing. Feel the emptiness, sadness, isolation, loss. There is no right or wrong here just feel your pain and honor it. Now imagine those feelings amplified in 12 months time, 3 years time and in 5 years time.

You can always make more money but you can’t make more time. The time is now. Oh yes it is. 

Be brave and stick with me, I mean stick with you. Grab something to write with. Before you do anything more let’s take a moment to connect with more creative space. Get comfortable, relax and take a few deep breaths. Let the weight of your body sink into what it is that is supporting you. Release the tensions in your muscles starting with your shoulders and jaw, then hands and feet. Take a few more deep breathes. Now picture yourself in your happy place, you know the one. Ah that’s it you can’t help but smile and you feel joy. Immerse yourself in that place and time and really feel it, see it, hear it and taste it. What a wonderful place and time. Take a few deeper breathes and enjoy. You are welcome. When you are ready to return wiggle your toes and fingers then slowly open your eyes.

Now write down the life you would like to create for yourself, no restrictions, no judgment just creativity and courage. Make note of how you will feel once you have created that life for yourself and those significant others in your life. Picture the action you will be able to take based on the decisions you will be able to make. Feels good right? I mean reeeeeally good.

This is your little gift to you. You have 24 hours to seek the guidance you need to begin the process of making it happen. Choose wisely who you share your dream with. You know how it will be received by those in your network. Look beyond your well intending, coming from a place of love crush the dream realists. For now. Instead, seek a coach.

You have now made a decision to unshackle the golden handcuffs, over come your fear, believe in your unique gift and move towards meaningful work and a life of purpose. Well done! Good for you! In Part 2, which I will share tomorrow, I will guide you through the process to land in your ideal role in 2019.

To unshackle the golden handcuffs, over come your fear, believe in your unique gift and move towards meaningful work contact Brian Klindworth M: 0450 734 023.

*Golden hand cuffs are made of the salary you can’t replace doing what you really want to do that pays for your current lifestyle.

** For many people, they are working longer than they have been in any personal relationship.

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